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Re-enchanting Winter with Apple Cider Wassail

The sweet and faithful apple has been re-enchanting me during these darker autumn days. The apple is such a quintessential representation of autumn to me. Right now, I’m seeing so many of us wearing our best plaid flannel outfits and wanting to go apple picking, drink...

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Autumn is the season of making {+ beeswax candle dipping}

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a handful of conversations with friends who have described the energy of the past week as overwhelming, rollercoaster-y, and unnerving. Beyond the obvious indicators of upheaval and strife that are hitting the news headlines...

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Inviting in Death {Celebrating Samhain}

The natural world has been my greatest guide when it comes to sense-making and navigating life. I find great comfort in the way the seasons cycle every year, but also how she (yes, nature is a “she” to me) gives us little hints about what she’s going through and what...

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Ancestral Connection through Food

We are the living dreams of our ancestors. I’ve always been fascinated by food as an expression of culture and humanity throughout time. So much can be expressed through food - not just a love of gathering with kinfolk and loved ones, but also as a signal for what’s...

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“I Know You” {Hello from Ireland!}

I didn’t grow up feeling a lot of trust with the plant world. My family had a sweet little garden (growing mostly tomatoes and gladiolus - my father’s favorite), but I didn’t have a kindly old grandmother teaching me about the medicinal uses of the weeds surrounding...

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The Magic of Root Season

Autumn, in many ways, is the seasons of roots. As the air begins to chill and move towards winter’s frost, the plants are shifting their energy down towards their root to stay strong and survive the winter. This is the time when we harvest many of the roots,...

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Why this sisterhood thing can be so hard

I’m going to begin this post by saying what’s true for me… Gathering with women is my passion and can come more easily to me than others. I am an extrovert, meaning I derive energy from social interaction with other people. I was known as a social butterfly growing up...

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