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A peep into my human-ness

Call me nosy, but I really enjoy getting a peek into how we all live our lives. I like knowing what you ate for breakfast, hearing how you begin and end your days, and seeing what your workspace looks like. I want to know the real story of what gets you out of bed in...

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Finding your summer pace for sanity’s sake

I can’t begin this without sharing what feels most true for me right now… I’m tired. The kind of tired that has me getting out of bed a few hours later than usual and yearning for a midday siesta that involves homemade strawberry basil lemonade, a hammock, and two...

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Live To Be An Elder, Not Just An Older

My hope is to one day be an elder, not just an older. During my conventional school years, I prided myself on being able to find the right answer in a moment’s notice. All it took was an easy internet search or quick purchase of a bright yellow spark notes booklet...

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{VIDEO} Free Your Hair & Weaving the Crown

As I journey deeper into the ancestral traditions of the women of my lineage, I feel all the more connected to my own body. I often look at my hands with such awe and reverence for what they are capable of and how all the women that came before me are helping to guide...

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How to Talk to Women in a More Meaningful Way

  Over the years, women have come to me wanting to know how they can cultivate more meaningful relationships with other women. They tell me they’re tired of the same old surface level conversation, the automatic default to complaining about their partners or...

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Finding my 20,000 year old Grandmother

As much as I can feel like I was born in the wrong era and find myself drawn to earlier times of cobblestone streets or ancient temples, I am extremely grateful for technology right now. Let me explain. Not only is modern technology connecting us in this very moment...

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Reconnecting To Water

Water is sacred. You probably know this already. Afterall, 75% of your body is made up of water. You know what else? Trees are made up of 75% water too. Water is in your blood, your brain cells, your saliva and your tears. You were created and birthed in an amniotic...

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The Sovereign Honeybee Queen

“Bees and flowers….you can’t invite one in without the other.” A knowing shiver ran down my spine as I heard those words uttered. I felt my lips mouth a knowing yes as I listened to the radiant shamanic bee priestess speak these words of truth. For a few months now,...

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