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Know Whose Lands You Walk On

The teacher began the class by giving her name, the name of the original lands of her ancestral people (Poland, Ukraine, Croatia), the names of her teachers, and her preferred pronoun. I appreciated this way opening the class—by naming her lineage, sharing her origin...

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{Video} Gardening by the Moon

Grandmother moon and the plants—these are a few of my favorite things. I consider myself to be a seeker on the path who respects the great mystery held in the cycles of the moon and the spirits of the plants. I know it’ll be a lifetime of dancing with their magic and...

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{Video} White Sage: Spiritual Practice with Integrity

It’s interesting how, when beginning the journey back to your earth-based roots and diving deeper into deeper spiritual ways of being, we can feel unsure of what feels most meaningful to us. In our seeking of sacred, we can tend towards mimicking what we see those...

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Making a Spring Equinox Altar

This week, I’m trying out doing solo video for my post. In the spirit of spring’s new energy, I was in the mood to try something new in my desire to connect more deeply with you here. I’d love to know what you think (leave a comment and let me know). Last week I...

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Allowing Spring

Moving from one season to another is kind of a big deal, when you really think about it. For winter to transform into spring, a lot of shifts need to happen in the soil, with the temperature of the air, the little signals every microorganism gives each other, the way...

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Creating Your Own Ancestor Wall

The past several weeks, I have been spending my waning winter days (well, mostly Saturdays) creating an ancestor wall in my home. In my own practice of re-rooting myself in my ancestral lineage and connecting to the ones who came before me (and still live in my bones...

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Facing Judgement with Resilience & Compassion

Lately, I’ve been thinking about all the times in my life when I’ve made myself smaller, dimmed my light, or played along with something that didn’t resonate with my soul—all for the sake of not being judged. This comes up a lot in the women’s gatherings and...

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The Wisdom of the Wrong Teapot

When I first came into community with the witchy/woo-woo women of my town, I was so terrified that I didn’t belong. They all had different body types from me, wore flowy knit dresses and long beaded earrings from the same maker I had never heard of, and drank tea from...

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Refusing Isolation

Did you know this time we are living in is being called "The Age of Loneliness"? Yes, we have such prosperity with our technological advances—many of which I am super grateful for and rely upon on a daily basis. We can connect to each other with our phones and laptops...

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