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Traveling to Colonized Land & Healing Oppressor Ancestry

Over the past few years, I have consciously been making pilgrimages to the lands of my ancestors. It usually begins with a dream (either sleeping or waking) that compels me to plant my feet on the soils my ancestors once walked and are buried under. Last year, I...

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Exploring the Menstrual Rituals of Our Ancestors

In my lifelong research of the people I come from, I have been drawn to the ways my people signified important moments in a human being’s life. For instance, the way they venerated their dead, birthed their babies, chose and committed to a partner, and (of particular curiosity for me) marked and honored their monthly moon cycle or menstrual bleed.

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Seriously…let’s talk social media and phone addiction

One of the topics Tim and I tend to bicker about is our phones. I don’t like it when he checks his email first thing in the morning while still in bed or peeks at a message coming through when I’m saying something to him and he doesn’t like how I grab mine when we’re...

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Navigating the Innate Transitions of Life

We are all in some sort of transition. Whether it’s a shift in careers, a new phase of parenthood, healing, birthing, grieving, graduating, completing a project, beginning or ending a relationship, or a period of deep longing. Transition is something we are all...

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Ireland Sacred Pilgrimage Recap

This past spring, I guided 13 women on a sacred pilgrimage to Ireland—the land of their ancestors and a very special place that has preserved much of the mysteries of earth-based, pre-Christian traditions. Each of us journeyed there with our own...

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{Video} Embracing the Aging Journey

We live in a culture that venerates youth. The tighter and dewier the skin, the firmer the forehead, the more you don’t “look your age”, the more you are rewarded by our society. Combine that with the fact that we are less and less connected to our elders—whether by...

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Know Whose Lands You Walk On

The teacher began the class by giving her name, the name of the original lands of her ancestral people (Poland, Ukraine, Croatia), the names of her teachers, and her preferred pronoun. I appreciated this way opening the class—by naming her lineage, sharing her origin...

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