A lot has occurred for me in 2023 – as I think is true for every year, but perhaps this time around it is a little more visible and this is probably why I received the beautiful question of the lessons I’ve learned this past year. So, I am using the reflective energy of the outer and inner season of Winter I’m currently finding myself in and sharing with you, in this episode, the three lessons I have learned over the course of 2023.

Tune in to hear more from me on the three lessons I’ve learned this past year:

  • I can do anything, but I can’t do everything. As a multi-passionate manifesting generator with ADHD, I get lit up and motivated by so many new ideas. But how do you navigate that with limited capacity, in a society that glorifies production? A few of my coping strategies are compartmentalizing, sleeping on new ideas, and exploring how I can feel accomplished and satiated by what I do day in day out whilst also taking care of myself.
  • The vision takes time. More time than you think! It’s not for nothing I teach about how slowness can be the antidote to our suffering. I have so much compassion for the me who gets uncomfortable in the liminal, especially around our renovation. I ask myself: ‘Can I make this messy middle feel easeful in some way?’, which is where ritual comes in.
  • Get slow and quiet so I can get clear on my highest priorities. Last year I had the deep realisation that my biggest priority wasn’t my business, or the farm or the renovation. It was my first home: my body, and my health. Even though it was really hard, I learned how to choose to make it my focus to take care of my body on a weekly and daily basis.

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[00:00] Introducing the question of what lessons I’ve learned over the past year

[5:00] How a deer carcass is showing me the real deal of somatic embodiment of the wild experience and the winter medicine in that

[07:30] The analogy of the ascending spiral and revisiting inner work when I’m well resourced

[08:30] Lesson 1: I can do anything, but I can’t do everything

[11:00] I have a much more limited capacity since I had my child and the pandemic

[18:58] Lesson 2: The big vision takes time

[24:00] How nature is teaching me to be patient with our renovation

[25:41] Lesson 3:  Get slow and quiet so I can get clear on my highest priorities

[30:15] The impact of celebrating my health wins

Episode #122:You Can Do Anything, but You Can’t Do Everything

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