Financial Accessibility Policies

Penalty-Free Payment Plans

I don’t charge any extra fees or interest for choosing a payment plan to work with me or attend one of my retreats. After years of doing this, I have learned this is unjust and wrong. So you won’t see me doing it.

Bi-Annual Reparations

I am in the practice of wealth redistribution in all areas of my life, so I give a percentage of my income to Black and Indigenous individuals and organizations. As my business income increases, so will my contribution amount. Current percentage is 2% (as of Feb '23) and current organization is Loving Black Single Mothers.

Free and Low-Cost Content

In addition to low-cost options for working with me, I regularly offer free content with no pay wall, including my podcast, newsletter, and social media content.

Revenue Sharing with Collaborators

When collaborating with folks on program creation and launch, I offer the option to share revenue with them.

Including Myself in the Exchange

After years of unconsciously exploiting myself, I am firmly rooted in including myself in the equation of time, money, and energetic capacity that it takes to run a business.

My gratitude to Nicole Antoinette for the inspiration for this page.

I hold the belief that we can create a world where we all thrive, and that happens through financial accessibility & economic justice.

Here’s how that plays out in my business and work:

Tiered Pricing

Many of my live online workshops and group programs operate on a tiered pricing system based on the The Green Bottle System (thanks to Alexis J Cunningfolk and Britt Hawthorne). This allows each person to sign up within their means, and gives those with more class privilege an opportunity to supplement folks on the lower end of the scale.