Financial Accessibility Policies

Penalty-Free Payment Plans

I don’t charge any extra fees or interest for choosing a payment plan to work with me or attend one of my retreats. After years of doing this, I have learned this is unjust and wrong. So you won’t see me doing it.

Annual Reparations

I am in the practice of wealth redistribution in all areas of my life, so I give a percentage of my income to Black and Indigenous individuals and organizations. As my business income increases, so will my contribution amount. Current percentage is 2% and current organization is Loving Black Single Mothers.

Free and Low-Cost Content

In addition to low-cost options for working with me, I regularly offer free content with no pay wall, including my podcast, newsletter, and social media content.

Revenue Sharing with Collaborators

When collaborating with folks on program creation and launch, I offer the option to share revenue with them.

Including Myself in the Exchange

After years of unconsciously exploiting myself, I am firmly rooted in including myself in the equation of time, money, and energetic capacity that it takes to run a business.

My gratitude to Nicole Antoinette for the inspiration for this page.

I hold the belief that we can create a world where we all thrive, and that happens through financial accessibility & economic justice.

Here’s how that plays out in my business and work:

Reduced Price Scholarships

When planning out my courses and workshops, I allot for a portion of enrollments to be at a reduced price to allow for folks who could benefit from the content but do not have the financial means to invest in it.