I work with spaceholders, kin-keepers and budding ritualists to be catalysts for belonging in their communities while also generously resourcing themselves at the same time. 

When we remember this, we are able to navigate the full spectrum of human experiences with greater ease, support, and interconnectedness. I invite you to step into my virtual sacred space and explore all the ways I can support your journey in cultivating a deeper sense of belonging in your spaces. Because we were never meant to do this alone.

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We are woven, sacred, of the earth, & belong to each other.

I am a teacher, a deep and present listener, and gatherer of community.

…and I desire a world where everyone shares the abundance of their gardens at the long tables of their communities. 

Hi, I'm Becca

Wisdom and rituals for slow & seasonal living

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    I approach my work with these in my heart

    Nothing breaks my heart more than people who feel that they don’t belong. I yearn for a world where we value our shared interconnection more than we prioritize individualism. The deeply woven web of interconnection between us is innate. When we listen to what we already know to be true, when we stoke the flames of our desire for community, we remember a different way of being - one rooted in community care. The more we remember, the more we prioritize the collective, the closer we get to cultivating a village way of life that can support us all. 

    cultivating meaningful community

    To be human on this earth is to experience change, transition, and loss. And yet, despite the unavoidable nature of these experiences, we live in a culture that no longer ritualizes these meaningful moments in our lives. So many of us end up feeling suspended in time - afraid of aging, terrified of death, and unable to support each other through experiences of change. Re-incorporating ritual into these rites of passage allows us to foster empowerment, agency, community, and support where this is so often lacking in our current reality.

    reclaiming rites of passage

    When we unhook from a culture of urgency and choose to listen to our bodies and to the lands we live on, we can learn to be truly present in ourselves and our lives. We are not machines, and yet we live in a society that expects us to act like it. Seasonal and cyclical living invites us to attune to the rhythms of our bodies and the earth instead of the demands of the culture. Life exists in seasons. Embracing this truth guides us to reclaim our lives, our bodies’ natural processes, and be present with what is.

    seasonal & cyclical living

    I desire to create a ripple effect so that those I connect with become empowered community leaders, kin-keepers, & circle tenders in their own communities. 


    Root & Ritual

    A beautifully illustrated guide for connecting with the earth, your ancestors, and your communities as you come home to your whole self.

    Despite our best efforts, our modern world leaves so many of us feeling isolated, unworthy, and alone. We’re unrooted from the land, untethered from our lineages, disconnected from our communities, and separated from our deepest sense of self.

    In Root and Ritual, I offer a pathway back to connection and wholeness through rituals, recipes, and ancestral wisdom.

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    Wisdom and rituals for slow & seasonal living

    Sign up for my once-in-a-while email newsletter about all things rites of passage, seasonal living, and meaningful community.


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      a podcast that explores being alive in the age of loneliness. Allow me to guide you on a journey of courageous reconnection as we explore topics like cultivating meaningful community, living with the seasons and cycles of the earth and your body, and leaving a thriving, regenerative legacy in these modern times.

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