Hey luminous lady,

When was the last time you quieted your mind and worked with your hands to create something meaningful?

Free Video Series

Learn how to create sisterhood with women in your community

Free Video Series

Learn how to create sisterhood with women in your community

Hi, I'm Becca formerly the Dabblist.

I help women who may have it all on paper but inside feel disconnected from their deeply rooted sense of self.

We’re brought up to be good girls. We’re told to follow the rules and not make waves. But, too often this results in us suppressing our feelings and not speaking the truth because we don’t feel safe enough to do so. We work so hard to be successful — running on the hamster wheel of busy-ness and perfection, juggling a million priorities...

and it’s exhausting!

I know because I’ve been there sister. I also know it doesn’t have to be like this for you. Enter into my virtual home and explore  all the ways I can support your journey to step into your feminine power and reconnect with your true self.

My offerings To support you

I want a one-on-one experience where I can go deep, be witnessed and reclaim my creative courage

I want an intimate immersion in the art of holding women's circles

I want to awaken my creativity with a monthly virtual sisterhood

On Choosing Learning over Knowing

I’m often asked for some sort of specific how-to for the way I walk in the world. They want the step-by-step recipe, the blueprint, or the link to buy the book that will tell them the path and the steps you must take in order to embody a sacred and meaningful life....

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Discover Your Unique Cycle with the Moon & Seasons

I’ll never forget the day it *clicked* on all levels of my being.. My 28 year old self stood on the back balcony of her third floor walk up apartment, looking at the nighttime sky and realized that the moon - the one that waxes and wanes through her cycle every 28...

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A Solar Return for the Salmon

Today marks my completion of another trip around the sun - also known as my birthday (+ my mama’s birth date!) And while I typically welcome the celebration of my birth with open arms (my sun is in Leo, what can I say? *wink*), I’m looking at this milestone with...

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My Story

In 2013, I had finally reached the top of the ladder but realized it was leaning against the wrong wall. I had lost the creative freedom I felt so strongly as a child. Inside I felt overwhelmed and uninspired by my good-on-paper life.

This little corner of the internet was born out of my desire put down that heavy load of shoulds I had been carrying, pick up my paint brush (or journal or wildflowers or hammer and nails), and give myself that inspiring full-mind-body-massage that comes from creating something into existence. I love connecting here with incredible women; women just like you.

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