it's time to remember

the parts of you that you've lost

It’s time to remember

the parts of you that you’ve lost

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Hi I’m Becca…

…and I have a deep yearning for all of us to feel deep down in our bones that we belong.

I want us to overcome the ancestral stories and cultural narratives that are keeping us quiet and small and not taking action on what truly matters in these times. The world is transforming, the culture is shifting, and I want all of us to feel rooted enough to be responsive in our communities so that we can create ripples outward.

I invite you to step into my virtual sacred space and explore all the ways I can support your journey back to belonging as I do the same. We were never meant to do this alone.

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podcast episodes

Episode #87: On Mothering & Eco-Grief

Episode #87: On Mothering & Eco-Grief

In this episode of Belonging, I'm sharing the complicated thoughts and feelings I'm experiencing being a mother — choosing to bring a child into this world — and living in a time of climate collapse. I share somatic tools for how I'm dealing with the anxiety and grief...

Episode #85: Why I Took a Mama Sabbatical

Episode #85: Why I Took a Mama Sabbatical

I have slowly emerged from my cocoon here in this outward facing internet space after taking a much-needed and restorative three-month mama sabbatical. My time was spent making my life as small and as energetically boundaried as possible so I could catch my breath, be...

my story

My life’s journey has shown me that we can remember that we belong — to ourselves, to the earth, to all that came before us, and in community.

I am a writer, land steward, coach, and ancestral folk medicine keeper. I am a storyteller, very good listener, and community gatherer. I’ve dedicated my life and work to supporting women (meaning cis, trans, and femme folks) in experiencing a deep sense of belonging by connecting with the cycles of nature, ancestral wisdom, working with their hands, and being in meaningful community.

I have seen it set them free time and time again, going on to start circles in their towns, quit their toxic jobs, and shift the dynamics of their relationships. This work is deep and ancient and powerful.

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