I come from settler-colonizers of North America who journeyed from the lands of Old Europe (shout out to archaeologist Marija Gimbutas for this term and understanding of the history of the European continent). I am a woman of known ancestry of British, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, French, German, and eastern European origins, flowing further back to the Celtic, Pict, Norse, and Anglo Saxon peoples (and the nameless ones going even further than that). With gratitude, I live within the Hudson River Estuary watershed on
the stolen ancestral land of the Mohican People, who call themselves Muhhe-con-ne-ok or People of the Waters That Are Never Still — in the Hudson Valley of New York.

I am a teacher, podcaster, circle & retreat facilitator, & community gatherer. 

I was born the daughter of Anne, granddaughter of Anne and Virginia, great granddaughter of Philomena, Jennie, Elizabeth, and Sarah.

I desire a world in which everyone shares the abundance of their gardens at the long tables of their communities.

I want a world where we eat slower, respond to emails slower, sleep on decisions, and create space for the full spectrum of emotions to be felt and expressed. I desire for us all to have the space to attend to our internal cycles and external bioregional shifts, pause to have conversations with people in the street, ask how others are doing (really), plant a garden, ask for help, offer help, be in our bodies, have reparative conversations, and make reparative actions. 

The initiation of which plunged me into a deep and cavernous rite of passage that has me re-building my life in ways that can only be aligned with communal values and at an earth pace. In this gradual becoming of my matrescence, I am being shown the exquisite layers added on to my heart, my capacity, and my being. I am living my life slower and more present to the timeless experience of a young child than to the linear experience of our society.

I am a mother 

I dream of a collective slowing down.

I am a land steward, storyteller, deep and present listener, and gatherer of community.

that inhabits all of this animate earth, including mycelia, tree root, stone, waters, bacteria and critters big and small. I feel kinship with the moon and the sun and the dust of the stars, alongside the cells of the dead composting in the earth below me. It has taken me 30 years to just begin to understand the ancestral power and responsibility of the role of “witch”.

Show me a meme or hilarious TikTok video and I am thrilled. I quite enjoy making fun of myself and the world of spirituality, and feel that irreverence is essential in building our resilience. I like to decompress by watching reality television (and almost always map it back to systems of oppression and our collective need for community) and bothering my cats when they’re sleeping. I like to go to bed early and wake with the sun on my face.

with a man whose work currently affords me the ability to live at a slower pace. I hold degrees from both bachelor’s and graduate educations. I am able-bodied and medicated or getting support for various conditions brought about after I had my child, including Hashimoto's disease and PCOS.  

I am a Leo Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Virgo Rising, enneagram 3 and a 3/5 Manifesting Generator with Sacral Authority. 

I’m also a lover of laughter and jokes.

I also identify with my more-than-human family

I am in partnership

Wisdom and rituals for slow & seasonal living

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    to ensuring the spaces I hold are inviting and accepting - embracing the notion of brave space. I am skilled at normalizing the full range of emotional experiences for the folks I work with. I am a compelling storyteller and love to stoke the fires of others’ desires.

    and I too feel the intensity of the collective grief, sorrow, fear, and uncertainty that we all hold. With this in mind, I aim to approach my work with levity and honest truth telling. I am willing to share the highs and lows of my own story and model transparency. I believe there is room for both reverence and humor, honoring and laughter. 

    I recognize that we live in heavy times,

    I am deeply committed 

    empowered, inspired, held, enchanted, educated, and emboldened. I desire for them to experience the deep, ethereal, otherworldly and awe-inspiring interconnection of all things. I want them to feel rooted, resourced, and soothed by our work together. 

    I hope the people I work with feel:

    Ultimately, I desire to create a ripple effect so that those I connect with become empowered community leaders, kin-keepers, & circle holders in their own communities. 

    With all that I create and offer in this space, my deepest intention is to support you in making sustainable shifts in your life to embody the world we are dreaming of - and to remind you that you are never doing it alone. 

    Love, Becca

    Thank you for joining me on the journey!