Honoring My

In addition to the ancestors of blood I descend from, I am part of an ever-widening lineage of teachers and guides, whose words, coursework, and council have woven into my body of work and way of being in the world. I honor them here:

Deep gratitude to Nisha Moodley, for holding me through deep unraveling of my old programming and showing and teaching me what it means to be in sacred council.

To Katina Mercadante, whose guidance, friendship, and continued support in our empowerment work keeps me on the path of my true core virtue and digging even deeper into how that manifests in the world.

To Liz Migliorelli, whose teaching in Folk Medicine and Magic of Old Europe opened up the portal to connecting with my own European earth-based indigenous roots and with the plants from a deeply rooted space that continues to serve my work in the world.

To Rain Crowe, whose teaching in The Burning Times Never Ended supported me through an even deeper integration of our history and how to apply it to my work today.

To Stacey Morganstern and Carey Peters, who taught me the skills to compassionately and effectively support people in the Transformational Coaching Method (NLP).

To Lara Veleda Vesta, whose teaching on ancestral connection has helped me go deeper in my own ancestral journey to achieve a gnosis that could only be mine.

To Lola Pickett, who held and mentored me in the transformation and reclamation of my name and my true work.

To Karen Ward, who accepted me on Irish soil with open arms - teaching me the ways of those lands and the rites she received from them. 

To Jean Shinoda Bolen, whose book, The Millionth Circle, has helped guide me in the principles of circle holding.

To Grandmother Sarah McLean Bicknell, whose mentorship in indigenous dreaming, ancestral constellation, and returning to indigenous earth ways has supported me deeply.

To Shelby Leigh, whose work with Creating Safer Spaces has helped me to be a more trauma-informed facilitator.

To Jerrigrace Lyons, whose work in conscious dying and death midwifery has supported me in grief literacy and knowledge of rituals in death.

To Marysia Miernowska, whose facilitation of the School of the Sacred Wild is supporting me in my lifelong return to the plants, folk herbalism, and plant spirit communication.

To Jessie Harrold, whose facilitation of the MotherSHIFT community is supporting me in navigating the years-long transformation of motherhood.

To Kelly Diels, whose education on feminist and culture making marketing has helped me work to walk my talk when it comes to running a business that aligns with my regenerative values.

To Bear Hebert, who guided me in aligning my business with anti-capitalism values and ways of liberation.

To Kimberly Ann Johnson, whose education on the somatics of the nervous system and how to safely navigate them has supported me in deeper spaceholding in my work and life.