Whether you run a team at your company, small group program or mastermind, or are leading a conference or retreat, I’d love to be a guest speaker in your space. I delight in sharing my knowledge and experience and would love to create something nourishing and supportive for you. 

Guest Teaching
& Speaking

Interested in having me speak to your group?

I’m available for that! 

Living in the Age of Loneliness and cultivating rituals to bring more connection to your life

Re-villaging and returning to communal ways of living and working in these modern times

How we can tend to our innate need for community, friendship and belonging in these times

Incorporating seasonal living and cyclical living into our modern, tech-dependent culture

Crafting ritual for transitioning through life’s major moments, particularly for mothers

The topics I most adore speaking about are:

I have been thrilled to speak to audiences around the world, from women’s groups in the UK to a German-based consulting corporation to a yoga retreat on the beach in northern California. 

I have shared my work with thousands of people through my online programs and popular book Root & Ritual. I look forward to offering what I know about belonging, seasonal and cyclical living, and how we can integrate ritual practices into our modern, busy lives with your community as well. 

I charge based on ability to pay. Starting rates for individuals and small businesses is $500 USD for a 90-minute workshop. Starting rates for larger businesses and corporations is $1,500 USD for a 60-minute talk. And I almost always can find a way to make it work, so please send me a message and we can chat about it.