We can only truly thrive when we take a slow & seasonal approach to life. 

I believe that, in order for us to meet what is needed of us in these times, we must slow down and attune ourselves to the pace of the earth, and the pace of our own bodies. I believe in the wisdom of our bodies’ cycles, and our inherent connection to the cycles and seasons of the earth around us.

Slowing down in all areas of life is a deeply radical act. To reduce our sense of urgency, I also believe in slowing down our pace of change and committing to making soft, gradual changes, to be in greater alignment with what we truly desire and need. It’s okay to slow down. It’s okay to take a breath. It’s okay to go slow. Slow and steady is how we make sustainable change.

So many of us have been deeply impacted by hustle culture and an internalized need to "keep up". We have forgotten that we are seasonal animals of the earth. Our ancestral bodies and nervous systems weren’t designed for the pace of these times. 

We need community. 

We weren’t meant to do any of this life alone. I believe humanity’s natural state is oriented towards community - that we are not well unless we remember that we need and rely on each other. Like our ancestors, we wither without a tangible sense of connection to each other. 

I believe community care is the fuel we need for what’s to come, and that we can expand our capacities by leaning into generosity and intimacy with one another. I believe in the power of gathering the elders around us, sitting at their feet, and honoring them.

I believe a women’s circle can change the world. 

The wild has never left us.

I believe that, despite being separated and isolated from the natural world over the last thousand years, the wild never left us. We just need to remember. So many of us have forgotten our indigineity: the lands we come from, the waters that nourish us, and the ways we used to come together. There is power in remembering and re-wilding. 

Our bodies are the earth. The earth is our bodies. It is vital that we deeply accept that responsibility and tend with great care to the earth and our reciprocal relationship with it. It is the interconnection of all beings that will save us.

We must learn to be good ancestors.

We are the myth makers and story weavers of our time. Inside all of us is a pulsing story of lineage that traces back to our own people and their earth-honoring, community-focused ways of life. 

I believe we can repair the wounds and harm our ancestral lineages caused us and others if we commit to being better ancestors ourselves.

We must honor & center mothers once more. 

I believe mothers (of all kinds) contain the wisdom and insight to create a more humane, reciprocal, and reparative world. Whether or not we are mothers ourselves, there is a great power and strength in mothering and reclaiming and honoring mothers. Mothers are not centered in our culture, often pushed to the sidelines or undervalued. And yet, we all have some attachment to mother - whether that be a specific individual or the energy of mothering. We yearn for our mothers. We yearn for the mother. And yet we also extract and exploit mothers, both of the human and earthly realm.  

I believe it is vital that we center, honor, and value all mothers.