Episode #103: From a tech-paced career to an earth-paced life with my husband Tim Piastrelli


So much has changed since I last had my husband Tim on the podcast. We became parents. We decided to leave California. We bought a house in upstate New York.

It feels like almost everything is different since that last episode three years ago. So this week I’ve invited Tim to come back to the show for an open conversation about our family and how we navigate change.

Together we discuss why having our daughter was a catalyst to slow down, how we handle the tension between his tech-paced career and our earth-paced life, and the many challenges of facing sleep deprivation & postpartum depression together.

Tim also shares about his experience with men’s work and men’s retreats, and how his relationship with Atlas has evolved since she was born. And we both open up about how we return to each other when we feel distant or disconnected.

“I think money is not who I am, it’s just what I’m doing. It’s not my identity. That doesn’t make me a better or worse person. My purpose is getting up and stewarding land and playing with Atlas and helping out at school or helping other men. There’s so many things.”



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