In today’s episode, I am joined by Lara Vesta, author of ‘The Year of the Dark Goddess’ and ‘The Moon Divas Guidebook’ (among other titles). In this conversation, we explore navigating difficult rites of passage, learning its culture through myths, fairytales and other symbolism and calling in our webs of support – whether they be human, spiritual, animal, plant or otherwise.

Lara offers us tools and insights how we can empower and transform ourselves through the processes of grief and fear, drawing from ancestral traditions and the wisdom of the Dark Goddess.

Tune in to hear more from us on:

  • Learning the culture of rites of passage and the role of the dark goddess
  • Honoring the shifts in our lives and identity with a new status or name
  • Growing our internal knowing and webs of support
  • Experiencing disorientation in a culture that can’t meet you
  • Creating seasonal awareness and honouring the pacing of the ceremonial year
  • Lara’s non-negotiable integration practices
  • The time it may take to integrate a rite of passage
  • Learning to create ceremony and ritual for integrating and honoring a rite of passage

Resources + Links

[0:00] Introduction 
[5:46] Navigating Rites of Passage 
[8:11] Learning How to Cope with Challenges through Myths and Fairytales 
[11:38] Developing our Internal Knowing and Webs of Support 
[13:16] Becoming Sovereign in your own Process 
[15:58] The Transformative Power of a Daily Ritual and Recording it 
[19:32] Introducing the Dark Goddess and her Many Forms 
[23:23] Our Culture’s Separation from Death and Discomfort with Grief
[27:26] Seasonal Awareness, Ritual and Self Care for Rites of Passage
[32:48] The Time it Takes to Integrate a Rite of Passage
[36:09] The Garden as a Mirror for Life and Navigating its Hardships
[35:37] The Purpose of Challenges

Episode #131: Ritualizing Challenging Life Transitions With Lara Vesta

Wisdom and rituals for slow & seasonal living

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