While I often talk about mothering on the podcast, it’s been a few seasons since I shared a personal reflection on being a mother. So this episode of Belonging is a solo episode where I open up about my journey with delayed postpartum depression.

In this episode, I talk about struggling with anxiety and rage, realizing that I was taking out my anger on my partner, being diagnosed with PPD, trying meds that helped and then didn’t help, microdosing psilocybin to support extended breastfeeding, and finding my way forward with as many questions as answers.

This episode was really vulnerable to record and share. My hope is that it helps mamas in a situation like this feel less alone. Whatever you need to do to feel better, I’m with you.

“Turns out you can pay for support but the village is something different. It really is.” 


Episode #101: Lessons from my journey with delayed postpartum depression

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