Episode #77: Mothering the Mothers with Rachelle Garcia Seliga

Today on the Belonging podcast, I am joined by Rachelle Garcia Seliga. Rachelle is a Mother, Wife, and Midwife who has spent the past 18 years working with women and families, in service to woman-centered/ family-centered birth, health, and Life. She is deeply invested in the revitalization of community living as the most important medicine of our times. All of her work is dedicated to midwifing a cultural shift — honoring our innate wisdom, personal authority, and the sanctity of Life.

This conversation with Rachelle was one I deeply needed to have in one of the hardest weeks of my postpartum journey. Her words really land deeply with me, and I truly don’t think you need to have given birth or have a child to feel the depth and the urgency of this conversation. Together we talk about defining midwifery as the original tenders to community care, the unavoidable grief at the repair work we as a global community must do to tend to birthing folk and re-village, returning to our biology to break the cycle of dis-ease, pathology treatment vs. care-taking, the importance of the exo-gestation period (aka postpartum), how to begin the process of re-villaging and creating a regenerative future, and honoring the mother.

“The mothers are the barometer for all of humanity.” -Rachelle Garcia Seliga


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