Hearthfire - Becca Piastrelli

Healing & Support Space

Devote yourself to your longing, and
reclaim a life that truly nourishes you

...so you can break the cycles of overwhelm, loneliness, and disconnection from your wisest self.

Hearthfire is for the woman or femme who is ready to come fully into their own self.

The world is transforming, culture is shifting, and you want to feel rooted enough to be responsive in your community. You want to overcome the ancestral stories and cultural narratives that are keeping you small and not taking action.

You are ready to journey with your own sense of belonging so you can show up more deeply for yourself and be held while you are doing the holding. You are ready to break the cycles of oppression, and you are ready to do it in a sacred space as you navigate these times.

This is ancestral healing work. This is the work of re-wilding. This is resilience practice. This is magic making. This is ancient wisdom reclamation. 

And it is needed now more than ever.

It’s time to remember the parts of you that you’ve lost & reclaim your belonging

to self.

We live in a society that subtly encourages us to disconnect and even criticize every aspect of who we are. No matter your story, I believe it's possible to feel a sense of belonging to yourself and your body again.

to the wild.

These days, we dwell in our heated homes with running water without knowing the names of the trees or the source of the water we drink. We have strayed from our first home — the wild. But we can return again.

to a lineage.

You have a lineage of around six million ancestors and all of those lives existed to create the life you are living today. When we don't connect to who they were, their stories, and their ways of life, we continue the cycle of feeling like we don't belong.

to community.

We yearn for meaningful connections with each other — the kind of kinship where we can drop the masks of perfection and performance and be our messy selves. We want to lean on each other when times get hard and share the load that comes with being alive in these times. We cannot go this life alone.

The doors to Hearthfire are currently closed

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