A VIRTUAL Healing & Support Space

Devote yourself to your longing, and
reclaim a life that truly nourishes you

…so you can break the cycles of overwhelm, loneliness,
and disconnection from yourself and your community.

—what do I mean by that?

I mean that, if Hearthfire existed in the physical realm, we would all be sitting in a circle on comfy pillows (with excellent back support) around a great crackling fire, mug of freshly foraged and brewed tea in hand. I wouldn’t be sitting in front of you like in a classroom, I’d be right there next to you.

The symbolism of a circle is ancient. The moon is a circle. A cauldron is a circle. Often when you set a sacred space, you imagine yourself encircled in energy for your safety and protection.

In Hearthfire, we circle in community. We are encircled by the magic our ancestors once knew and that we are reclaiming again. We circle as equals because, in this space, we honor each other as sovereign beings on the path to our own healing.

So circle in, beloved kin.

  • Circle with me in front of the hearth, with its flames crackling and smoke spiraling up to the stars in the sky.
  • Circle with all of us as we look into each other’s eyes and receive each other’s deep presence.
  • Circle here to join us in the important work of breaking the cycles our ancestors could not.
  • Circle with us as we empower ourselves to re-enchant the world and each other.
  • Circle in this space as we midwife a new world into being.

This circle cannot be broken.


When I speak of ‘BELONGING’…

I am talking about a bone-deep sense of feeling home. When we feel a sense of belonging to ourselves, to the wild, to what we come from, and to each other, we liberate ourselves from the shackles of loneliness and unworthiness.

We use so much of precious time and energy trying to effort ourselves through life on our own. We struggle to reach out for support when we need it.

We are afraid of our own power, often shrinking for the comfort of others.

We make ourselves too busy to tend to our needs and end our days exhausted and criticizing ourselves for not being better at doing this life.

I’m so tired of repeating that pattern in my life, aren’t you? Our mothers and grandmothers are tired of carrying this burden too.

It’s time to claim what is rightfully ours in this one precious life we have.

“Between prompts, calls, and posts from members, it feels very organic and never overwhelming — always supportive, inspirational, and helpful. The feeling of a safe space, the mutual respect, the holding space, the witnessing without judgement, Becca’s way of leading and hosting the group by being gentle, real, showing up with what is, sharing vulnerable parts of her life — this is teaching me a lot about how I show up myself and also about how leading a circle can look.”

Hearthfire is for the woman or non-binary being who is ready to come fully into their own self.

The world is transforming, culture is shifting, and you want to feel rooted enough to be responsive in your community. You want to overcome the ancestral stories and cultural narratives that are keeping you small and not taking action.

You are ready to journey with your own sense of belonging so you can show up more deeply for yourself and be held while you are doing the holding.

You are ready to break the cycles of oppression, and you are ready to do it in a sacred space as you navigate these times.

This is ancestral healing work. This is the work of re-wilding. This is resilience practice. This is magic making. This is ancient wisdom reclamation. 

And it is needed now more than ever.

We are a group of beings who are ready to dig deep and devote ourselves to this vital work while holding each other through it in a sacred space.

You aren’t broken because you don’t have that ideal circle of soulful, empowered community around you right now.

The system we’ve been brought up in is broken and most of us haven’t been taught how to create a sense of belonging in our lives. We need you to engage in this work to rise up and participate in our collective liberation.

One of the false stories our society perpetuates is that we’re too weird for wanting this kind of connection in our lives.

But you know what I’ve noticed over the years of embodying this work?

Most folks want this too, whether they’re using the same language as you or not. Part of this work is doing it alongside people who are doing this work too and won’t be judging you for what you uncover, reveal, or express.

By deepening this exploration, you’ll notice that the people in your life are more open to this way of being than you think. You will not only be doing this for yourself to heal the wounds your ancestors never could, but you will also be magnetizing like-hearted people to you!

You will become a beacon of light for deep healing and leadership.

“Becca has created a space for people to be comfortable truly being themselves, asking for witnessing, and practicing non-judgmental support of each other that models a way of being in both our “real life” and offline communities.”


Hearthfire will journey with you through the seasons with weekly invitations to experience, look at, practice, or ritualize an aspect of your own healing journey.


A weekly email invitation to guide you in this work and keep you devoted to it. It will never require more than 1 hour of your time.


Regular live group calls facilitated by Becca covering a certain topic, ritual, or teaching from a guest teacher, plus access to video and audio recordings of these calls.

How Members Describe the space

It’s a women’s circle for people who are exploring how to live with the seasons of the earth, learn how to show up authentically in all moods, and learn how to ask for and hold space for others.

It’s like all your aunties, sisters, and kin from around the world are all having tea together, all the time. It’s community magick.

It’s a loving and supportive online space that supports my personal journey and helps me focus on and deepen my relationship to my core values, my true self, and personal challenges in life.


You get access to a private sacred space 24/7 connect (that isn’t a Facebook group) to pop in, share a particularly hard moment or exciting celebration, watch call recordings, and catch up on the invitations and practices.


Monthly live virtual circles with the other folks in Hearthfire, giving you the opportunity to share your journey and be witnessed by your fellow Hearthfire kin. These are deeply healing!
Belonging to a Lineage


Because Hearthfire is a non-hierarchical space for exploring and practicing the many intersections of belonging in this world and lifetime, we encourage our members to be part of its co-creation.



  • Conscious dreaming and working with your dreams
  • Support in hosting your own circle in your community
  • Cultivating ancestral knowledge in this modern time
  • Navigating challenges with community care
  • The worthiness wound and how to move through its blocks
  • Healing ancestral wounds that are holding you back
  • Living a life in sync with the seasons
  • Connecting with ancestors, both practically and in the esoteric realm
  • Scrying and forms of divination
  • Creating safe space to navigate grief
  • Healing the sisterhood wound
  • Ancestral and linear time management
  • Seasonal celebrations on the wheel of the year
  • Unblocking stagnant creativity
  • Finding rituals of your own ancestral lineage

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“This space, Becca’s sharing and facilitating, and our connection and support has grounded, nourished, inspired, and sustained me over this past year. It has brought me home to myself, and even more, I am at a place where all the confusion and disregard for my own power has disintegrated into ash and serves as fertilizer for what is growing.”


You’ve read the books and joined the groups but you’re ready to go deeper in your journey to feel a lasting sense of belonging in your life

You’ve always felt a sense of connection to the numinous, the great mystery of this life, but all the other programs you’ve looked at didn’t seem to contain enough depth and connection in it

You’re over facebook groups and want to cultivate community and connection in a different way online

You’re aware of the tendency for spiritual bypassing, cultural appropriation, and trauma insensitivity in spiritual work and you’re ready to do this work in a more aware and discerning way

You want to deepen into ritual and unleash your own magic for the benefit of the collective healing and liberation of all beings

You’re ready to put down the blueprints and dogmas that other spiritual paths provide and fully devote yourself to navigating your own unique and exquisitely designed journey of belonging

You want a place to experiment and explore belonging so that you can bring it to your own community and maybe even begin a circle and moonth-ly gathering where you live

You feel fully committed to unraveling all the tales society tells you about why you aren’t good enough, smart enough, or lovable enough for this world. It’s time to end that cycle in your lineage with you

You desire to live your life by the ebbs and flows of the seasons and cycles of the earth and moon (but like…for real)

You have a deep craving for a sacred container to do this work because all the oracle cards and journaling and spiritual Instagram posts are no substitute for a space of devoted practice and supportive sisterhood

You want to look at resolving ancestral trauma from colonization, the burning times, and patriarchal dogma

You want to dive deeper into to traditions and practices of your own ancestral lineages and weave them into your daily life

You’ve got a song in your throat and the beat of the drum in your heart, and you desperately want to let them out

You want to practice and maintain healthy relationships after years of toxic patterns of relating, even with those you love

You don’t have a lot of in-person friends or community that “get” this stuff and you just want to be able to talk about it without feeling shame or fear of judgment

You are so tired of distracting yourself with busyness, using the pursuit of perfection, and trying to outrun your inner critic that the life you really want to claim just keeps getting further and further away from you.

You are excited (and if you’re honest, a little nervous) about going to the deeper places of discomfort and vulnerability because you feel your desire to deeply devote yourself to a new way of being

If any of these resonate with you, know that you belong in Hearthfire

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“Exploring my ancestry was a highlight of my year. I had no idea how nourishing it would be. The ancestral potluck opened a portal. It changed my relationship to time, life, and death. I admit I struggle with the seasonal altars because I am in a northern hemisphere born body while residing in the southern hemisphere, but it’s been fascinating to watch myself grapple with this dichotomy. It highlighted my strong emotions about this and my desire to honour the seasons, land, and people from my past while also building a relationship with the seasons, land, and people of my current location.”

I am Becca Piastrelli

Your guide here in Hearthfire

I am a writer, coach, and ancestral folk medicine keeper. I am a storyteller, deep listener, and gatherer of community. I am in ENFJ, a Leo Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Virgo Rising, and human design Manifesting Generator.

I’ve dedicated my life and work to supporting women in experiencing a deep sense of belonging through connecting with the cycles of nature, ancestral wisdom, working with their hands, and being in meaningful community. I have seen it set them free time and time again, going on to start circles in their towns, quit their toxic jobs, and shift the dynamics of their relationships.

This work is deep and ancient and powerful. I’m here to hold the most exquisite space for your time in Hearthfire, with the intention to inspire you to come closer home to yourself, connect with you on a deep level, guide you into potent ritual space, and keeping it real with belly laughs and dance parties. I’m at your back supporting you in stepping into your authentic, wisest self, while cultivating beautiful connection along the way.

I identify…

I am a woman of known ancestry of British, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, French, German, and eastern European origins, flowing further back to the Celtic, Pict, Norse, and Anglo Saxon tribes (and the nameless ones going even further than that). I am a straight cis-woman in a long-term, monogamous, heterosexual partnership with a cis-man of Balkan and eastern European descent. I am able-bodied with “invisible” health burdens related to autoimmune conditions born of my journey to conceive my child. I have access to education, healthcare, and safe housing without substantial worry of lifelong debt. I practice an earth-based spirituality rooted in the ancestral lineages of pre-Christian Old Europe. With gratitude, I live on the ancestral lands of the Coast Miwok and Southern Pomo indigenous people — known today as the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria — near Mount Tamalpais and the Point Reyes seashore.

Honoring my teachers

I honor the incredibly generous teachers and mentors I’ve had over the years, whose lineages I am proud to be a part of, and whose works have inspired my own. I am devoted to being in reciprocity in my life by honoring their good work.

Deep gratitude to Nisha Moodley, for holding me through 2 years of deep unraveling of my old programming and showing and teaching me what it means to be in sacred sisterhood.

To Katina Mercadante, whose guidance, friendship, and continued support in our empowerment work keeps me on the path of my true core virtue and digging even deeper into how that manifests in the world.

To Liz Migliorelli, whose teaching opened up the portal to connecting with my own European earth-based indigenous roots and with the plants from a deeply rooted space that continues to serve my work in the world.

To Rain Crowe, whose teaching supported me through an even deeper integration of our history and how to apply it to my work today.

To Lara Veleda Vesta, whose teaching on ancestral connection has helped me go deeper in my own ancestral journey to achieve a gnosis that could only be mine.

To Jean Shinoda Bolen, whose book, The Millionth Circle, has helped guide me in the principles of circle holding.

To Shelby Leigh, whose work with Creating Safe Space has helped me to be a more trauma-informed facilitator.

To Jerrigrace Lyons, whose work in conscious dying and death midwifery has supported me in grief literacy and knowledge of rituals in death.

To Grandmother Sarah McLean Bicknell, whose mentorship in indigenous dreaming, ancestral constellation, and returning to indigenous earth ways has supported me deeply.

Gratitude to Rachael Alaia for inspiring more honest and transparent words on this page.

“I think what surprised me the most is how replenishing [Hearthfire] is. We’ve been told to support someone is a burden, that we should hide our emotions, but Hearthfire has taught me this isn’t true and being privy to people’s messy moments is really nourishing.”

The financial exchange for Hearthfire is $97/month.

What we’re offering you every week, year-round in Hearthfire costs less the cost of a single therapy session on a monthly basis. You are worth that level of investment, for your care, for your heart, for your ancestors, and for your community.

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Time Commitment

To set yourself up for success, we recommend setting aside one sacred hour per week to engage with the practices and connect with the community. To get the complete experience and best results of this program, we strongly encourage you to stay for a year or one turn of the wheel. You can do this, I know you can.

Giving Back

A portion of what comes in from this course will be donated to the Indigenous Environmental Network, RAICES, and United Plant Savers on an annual basis as a means of financial reparations for the harmful legacy of colonization and energetic reciprocity for the work we are doing in this program.

Financial Access

We have set aside some space for reduced cost and full scholarship to Hearthfire for folks who are marginalized and/or experiencing financial hardship in these times. If you identify as that, please reach out to us at [email protected]
“This has been an integral part of my journey of shedding ancestral shame, of going deeper with my roots, helping others do the same and to revel in being a woman from my lineage. Becca creates a space of belonging and sisterhood, a space that allows each of us to play, to explore, and to create together”


May we end the patterns of holding ourselves back from healing because we aren’t enough – pretty enough, energetic enough, ambitious enough, healthy enough, worthy enough to feel truly liberated and loved in this world.⁣

⁣May we hear the cries of our foremothers who are tired of carrying this burden alongside us. ⁣ May we feel belonging in our bodies.⁣ May we feel belonging in the wild.⁣ May we feel belonging to who and what we come from. May we feel belonging with each other.

May we set ourselves free and finally find home. May we sit together to do the healing work

In this and every effort, may the balance be regained. And so it is.

“I feel like I’m brought to this place of intimacy and connection through these activities in a way that is hard to find within a busy life.”

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Who is welcome in this space?

Hearthfire is a space for beings who identify and lean into what is generally described as a female or feminized experience of life, which is not limited to cis-gendered women (or those born with breasts and a vagina). This is a space of belonging for all folks who yearn for a feeling of sisterhood connection and is not a space for exclusion or transphobia.

How often will we receive new materials as a member?

I release new materials at the beginning of each week. You’ll receive an email and be able to log into the members-only sacred space to access the materials.

What is your refund policy? Can I cancel at any time?

Due to the digital nature of this program, all sales are final. You may cancel at any time no questions asked, no strings attached.

Is it a one time fee or do I pay monthly?

Hearthfire is a membership-based group program that will auto-charge your credit card $97 monthly.

When can I expect my monthly payments to be billed?

Your first payment is processed on the day you enroll, and payments are billed every 30 days thereafter.

I barely have enough time to take care of myself day to day. Will this even work for me?

If you are still reading this, it’s true that you are deeply craving everything that Hearthfire is because you don’t have it in your life right now. That makes sense—our society doesn’t exactly provide the care, support, and deeply rooted wisdom we need to flourish in our lives.

What’s also true is that, as much as life can feel hard with packed calendars and navigating budgets, we are alive in a time when our time and money is a true reflection of where our values lie. So many of us wait for that day when our calendars clear up and a windfall of cash falls from the sky, but we’ll likely be waiting for the rest of our lives if we live that way.

Unless we make a conscious commitment to what it is we truly crave in our lives (deeper connection with like-hearted folks, living more intentionally with the seasons, finding a feeling of home in ourselves, and a sense of bone-deep worthiness that guides us to be more resilient and focused in our purpose), all that we desire will never manifest. It will sit in the file folders of our brains labeled someday and that is a hard way to live.

I get it—our culture has a lot of shame around making this deeper work a priority in our lives. But the system as it is no longer serves us—we agree on that.

I’m inviting you to join Hearthfire in deep commitment to yourself and to clearing these blocks that are holding you back from feeling bone-deep magic and well-being in your life. It’s time, and you’re worth it.

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