Have you been craving a deep, expansive conversation about creativity, burnout, postpartum, paying for the village, and raising children in ancestral ways amidst climate crisis? I know I have been. So I invited my friends, fellow mothers, and past guests Ariella Daly and Megan McGuire to join me on the podcast again to commune “in the mammoth bone tent.”

Together we have an open and vulnerable conversation about creative surges and depletion postpartum, how motherhood has isolated us from our communities, our desires to know our neighbors and celebrate rituals with them, and our visions for our childrens’ futures —including the ways climate crisis impacts where our families can live and flourish.

Ariella is a beekeeper, seer and healer with a young daughter. And Megan is a permaculture gardener and ritual weaver with three children. I hope you’ll join us in conversation about mothering and enjoy this episode.


“For many of us, our parents didn’t have support in postpartum and didn’t have that modeled to them. So we’re breaking the cycle. We’re talking about the needs of postpartum, and we’re building the baseline cultural knowledge. And maybe the support networks haven’t caught up, but at least we see the goal. We see where the needs are and we’re building toward it. So when our children have kids, I think we’re going to have that support in place. That’s my dream.” – Megan McGuire



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Episode #96: Friendship deserts, creativity floods, and ancestral mothering with Megan McGuire and Ariella Daly

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