Episode #47: The Kindred Call of the Honeybee with Ariella Daly

The amazing Ariella Daly, aka Beekeeping in Skirts, joins me for this first episode of 2020. Ariella is a beekeeper, which isn’t a title that fully encompasses all of her work—she works with the bees in a seer and healership capacity with embodied womb-centric practices.

So in this conversation, we talk about the esoteric realm of the bees with ancient way of the Melissae (the oracular bee priestesses of ancient Greece), how Ariella views getting stung by a bee, what we can learn from the bees especially when dealing with the heartbreak of living in a time of ecocide, reclaiming the feminine and ecstatic experience, and how the serpent relates to the bees.

“The hum of a hive is the hum of life.” -Ariella Daly


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