Hi Friend,

I’ve got something to share with you…

As the sunlight grows, so does the little soul inside of me.

This is so tender for me to share with you. I feel the fragility of life itself at all times right now. I feel the potential for life and death in every cell. I am intimately living inside of myself and so vulnerable when I am out in the world.

I’m pregnant.

And with hope in our hearts, our little one will be joining us by summer’s end.

It’s been a deep and dark winter as my body has adjusted to creating life. First trimester nausea, exhaustion, and headaches have been brutal. We’ve been walking the edge between fear and excitement for months now. But as the sunlight warms our side of the hill, I feel myself rising above the soil with hope in my heart and joy in my body.



Episode #52: So…I’m pregnant

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