Episode #51: Healing Anxiety with Kelsey Mech - Becca Piastrelli

Anxiety is something that feels so pervasive and yet still carries so much stigma. In this technology-obsessed age of loneliness, it seems as if everyone is experiencing anxiety—at least a little bit—but still feels so alone in the struggle. Anxiety can bring about a lot of shame and prevent us from feeling a true, deep sense of belonging—particularly within community.

So in this episode of Belonging, I've got Kelsey Mech, a counselor and therapist in Victoria, British Columbia, joining me to speak about anxiety. So together, Kelsey and I are normalizing anxiety, talking about exactly what is going on in the brain when we're experiencing anxiety, and talking about ways to navigate anxiety so that it's not what's running the show.

"Anxiety is such a common experience, which is so interesting because it can also be an isolating one. It at the same time connects us and also keeps us separate from one another." -Kelsey Mech


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