I’ve been waiting to do an episode on this topic because it’s a practice that I engage in every month: yoni steaming.

Not long ago, I shared on my Instagram stories my practice of yoni steaming, and I have gotten so many questions since then, so I invited the lovely Kit Murray Maloney who is not only my friend and a Vaginal Steam Practitioner, but she is also the creator of the steam stool that I use (and love!).

Together in this episode, we talk about the word “yoni” (and the cultural appropriation in ancient wellness practices), the what/why/how of vaginal steaming, the dark history of gynecology, the contraindications for steaming, and Kit generously offers so much information on what to look for and how to get started with this body/spirit healing practice.

“‘Yoni’ so resonates with the truth of this part of the body that I live in, and certainly so much more than when I juxtapose it with the word ‘vagina,’ which is a Latin word for ‘sheath’…for yes, a sword.” -Kit Murray Maloney

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Episode #49: The Magic of Yoni Steaming with Kit Murray Maloney

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