Episode #76: Embracing the Dark Moon with Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

I get so many questions about working with the moon, so I could think of no one better than the Moon Witch herself, Sarah Faith Gottesdiener, to join me on the Belonging podcast and talk about moon work.

Sarah is a queer artist, teacher, business owner, and psychic tarot reader. She has written, edited, and distributed 10 books about the moon (you many know them as the Many Moons workbooks). Her most recent and comprehensive book, The Moon Book: Lunar Magic to Change Your Life, came out in December 2020.

Together in this episode, we talk about being in a dark moon time (I usually call this a winter time) and the cauldron of profound transformation where you need to be okay with not knowing what comes next. We also talk about disentangling your creations from systems of oppression, moon work as energy work, becoming stewards of our energy, the moon as a reflector vs. the moon as a projector, the sacredness of grief, and resisting scarcity mindset — all with the foundation and guidance of the moon.

“The lens of the moon is the lens of change.” -Sarah Gottesdiener


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