Hilary Kinavey

I’ve been longing to have a conversation about food, body, fatness, fat-phobia, and healthism, and I’m so excited to introduce my guest to you today. Hilary Kinavey is a professional counselor, facilitator, educator, speaker, writer, and activist working to bring more awareness to weight-inclusive approaches, weight bias, body trust, and the intersections of activism and therapy. She is also the co-founder of BeNourished and The Body Trust Approach.

In this episode, we talk about how our bodies are meant to change throughout our lives, but that our culture doesn’t prepare us for that. That health and fitness don’t have a look because health is a construct created by the culture. We talk about the intersection of health and race, the problem with the BMI scale, and needing to take the time to examine in ourselves where we hold attraction bias.

Then we get into the connection between hunger and desire and pleasure, how dieting and shaming for body size disconnects us from our ability to tap into that hunger/desire, and then what we envision for a future body-inclusive world.

“The thing about our relationship with our bodies is that our bodies constantly change — they’re meant to change — and thus our relationship to them and their care is constantly evolving.” -Hilary Kinavey


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Episode #48: Hunger, Desire, and Fatphobia with Hilary Kinavey

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