Episode #95: You have a right to feel good in your clothing with Dacy Gillespie

Dacy Gillespie is a personal stylist who intuitively guides us to discover the clothes we feel best in — uncovering and releasing what society says we “should” wear in the process.

Together we explore the question “what do you want to wear?” and we talk about how pausing before purchasing can help us make more ethical decisions and find clothes we love. Dacy also shares why “flattering” is a fatphobic concept, how to approach your clothes when your body changes, and her advice for online shopping and creating a capsule wardrobe.

Our conversation is an invitation to stop settling for clothes you don’t really like. It’s also a reminder that you have a right to feel good in what you wear. Enjoy.


I always say that the most ethical thing you can do is to make a mindful purchase. Because if you’ve given it that thought and if you’ve done that work to know what you want, who you are in terms of your clothes, and then you think about that as you’re making your purchases, you’re more likely to wear something multiple times. And the more times you wear something, the more ethical of a purchase it is. It doesn’t matter where it was made.” – Dacy Gillespie



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