Joining me in this episode of the Belonging podcast is Mara Glatzel, an intuitive coach, writer, and podcast host who helps perfectionists and people pleasers reclaim their sovereignty. Her superpower is saying what you need to hear when you need to hear it, and she is here to help you believe in yourself as much as she believes in you.

I invited Mara on the Belonging podcast to talk about a topic we really bond over, which is overcoming the patterns and behaviors of overworking, people-pleasing, perfectionism, and instead claiming our needs in a really deep and radical way. There’s something about the way Mara talks about it that is just so refreshing. So together we talk about self-care as a function of privilege and how we see neediness and having needs as something that is “cringe-worthy” when really we all have needs and it’s not neediness itself that is the problem, but your belief about your needs that is the problem. We also talk about expanding needs beyond physical needs, how needs and belonging intersect, the difference between needs and wants, lineages of needs that went unmet, asking ourselves “who am I doing this for?”, navigating needs with a partner and children, seeking validation through striving, and the grief in our limits of our capacity to do.

“We are beings with needs, and your needs aren’t a problem, your belief about your needs is really the problem.” -Mara Glatzel


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Episode #66: Radically Claiming your Needs with Mara Glatzel

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