In today’s episode, I am answering listening questions. Topics range from sharing my personal viewpoint on religion and spirituality, navigating different roles and jobs during my day and in my life and dive deep into circle-related questions too.

Tune in to hear more from me on:

  • The role religion and spirituality played during my upbringing and today
  • The journey from my old-school DIY blogging days to my online work now, and how working with my hands was the pathway to exploring community and belonging
  • Navigating different jobs and roles as a human being and practicing flexibility
  • Knowing when it’s time to let go and honoring the power of an ending when it comes to friendships – and also knowing when you’re witholding and taking responsibility
  • Claiming the term ‘circle’ and holding space for all peoples
  • How circle needs to offer the opportunity for equality and the space for consent, also in the context of sharing

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[01:00] Do you practice any religions or spirituality?

[06:23] Your work used to be more focused on hands on elements and literal making. How do you still integrate that into your day to day life?

[11:24] How do you juggle/hold all of your different jobs and roles? Both big picture and like a “day in the life” type thing.

[14:55] How to know when to let a friendship go or how do you do it?

[18:23] Is it possible to start a successful circle with non-circley friends?

[22:05] Does it always have to be everyone shares? Other prompts for shyer or younger?

Episode 128: Ending friendships, circle is a weird word, and monetizing your hobbies (listener Q&A!)

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