In today’s episode, I am joined by my dear friend Ginny Muir to talk about the longing for deep intimacy, the importance of healing in relationships, navigating rupture and repair in community and circle specifically. Ginny is an incredible spaceholder, medicine woman, witch, tantrika and so much more. Specifically, she has an incredible way of supporting relational conflict.

Rupture and repair is an innate way of being in community, and yet to so many of us this is absolutely terrifying. In this conversation, Ginny shows her amazing skills at supporting others through navigating conflict and we give real-life examples as to how we navigated conflict in circle before – and the tools that helped us work though it.

Tune in to hear more from us on:

  • How deep intimacy requires healing in relationships and a willingness to navigate conflict
  • How rupture and repair are essential for fostering deeper intimacy and growth
  • How conflict in friendship should be approached with the same openness and willingness to repair as conflict in romantic relationship
  • Examples of circle technologies, how they can help navigate moments of rupture and create a safe space for healing

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[00:00]  Introducing Ginny Muir

[07:25] Longing for Deep Intimacy

[09:45] Healing in Relationships

[11:33] Wounds and Attachment

[14:29] The Process of Rupture and Repair

[15:55] Conflict in Friendship vs Romantic Relationships

[19:55] Embracing Polarity and Diversity in All Relationships

[24:37] Triggers as an Opportunity for Self Love

[25:51] Turning Conflict into Deeper Intimacy

[27:07] Navigating conflict through the Lens of the Nervous System

[28:11] Rupture and Repair in a Retreat

[38:29] Finding Safety in Circle

[41:35] Consciously created circles and communities

[43:05] The experience of Holding Space and Trusting the Unfolding of Ceremony

[46:40] Using Circle Technologies

[52:49] Learning from Experienced Teachers

[54:32] Receiving Support through Microdosing 🍄

[56:17] Journey to Scotland & Reconnecting with the Earth Ways on the Ancestral Land

Episode #125: Turning Circle Conflict Into Deeper Intimacy With Ginny Muir

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