In today’s episode, I am joined by Becca Rich – a trauma-sensitive, certified holistic coach with a background in engineering and mindfulness, who teaches Holistic Time Management. In today’s episode, she shares with us her wisdom on the meaning of time, the role of control, how we can honor the cyclical nature of our bodies within our digital calendars and so much more. She also coaches me on the part that grief plays in experiencing loss of time and freedom, especially with having a child.

Tune in to hear more from us on:

  • The perspective on time that it is everything and that it is short but it is long
  • Time anxiety and feelings of grief at the loss of time freedom with having children
  • Finding satisfaction at the end of the day and embracing a digital calendar liberation practice
  • How to deal with overcommitment and overwhelm
  • The importance of respecting our natural cycles and working with our bodies, minds, and spirits instead of forcing them into a rigid structure

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[00:00] Introducing Becca Rich and her work

[07:40] Understanding & shifting our relationship with the concept of time

[11:54] Navigating time in different life seasons

[19:08] Finding satisfaction at the end of the day

[20:50] Chasing productivity and overcoming disappointment

[28:48] Embracing a digital calendar liberation practice

[35:44] Creating a weekly template

[37:45] Calibrating the calendar with menstrual cycle

[42:45] Dealing with overcommitment and overwhelm

[44:55] Respecting the cycle

[45:53] Different Levels of time privilege

[46:23] Divesting from productivity hustle culture

[47:10] Healing ancestral stories for the future

[49:37] Life is short, but life is also long

[50:00] The spiritual component of time

[50:19] The simplicity of taking a breath

Episode #123: The Meaning of Time With Becca Rich

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