Episode #53: Decolonizing Yoga with Constanza Eliana Chinea

I invited Constanza Eliana Chinea, a Latinx certified yoga instructor, on the Belonging podcast to open up a bigger conversation happening in the wellness and yoga industry about decolonization, access, and privilege. Constanza Eliana not only teaches yoga, but she specifically works with yogis and entrepreneurs to decolonize their yoga practice, create equity for teachers of color, and build inclusive spaces in the yoga community.

This episode is not here to tell you that you cannot practice yoga. In this conversation, Constanza Eliana shares what she’s seeing in the yoga industry that’s causing harm, how we can make this practice more equitable, why to reconsider the use of “namaste,” what to look for in yoga studios, and how to bring up concerns to bring them into deeper integrity.

“Any time you have Capitalism mixing in with spirituality, there are going to be many different forms in that bias comes into play.” -Constanza Eliana Chinea


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