If you’re here, listening to this podcast, part of you probably really wants to re-village or come back into community with each other. Part of circling in community is finding intergenerational spaces and that includes making space for our teens.

So I invited Eliza Reynolds on the show. Eliza is the founder of Badass Girls, is a bestselling author, speaker, workshop facilitator, and professional mentor for pre-teen and teen girls. In this episode, we talk about pushing beyond the stereotypes of teenage girls, inner teen work vs. inner child work, the teenage years as an initiation, periods and body changes, intergenerational disconnect and the need for mentorship + community (because yes, teens need adults!), and sexuality and pleasure for teens and our collective trauma from learning about sex.

Whether you are the parent of a teen, have an important teen in your life, or are feeling the need to send some love to your own inner teen, this episode is a powerful reminder of our alchemical transformation.

“The stories that we tell — they shape culture, they shape reality, they shape how we see ourselves, and we need to tell a better and more true story to invite teen girls to see themselves mirrored in our words and our love and the container we hold.” -Eliza Reynolds


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Episode #50: Healing and Supporting the Teen Years with Eliza Reynolds

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