Much of the curiosity around my work has to do with ancestral connection and ancestral practices, which is why I am so excited to share my conversation with Gogo Thule Ngane on this episode of Belonging.

Gogo is a Sangoma priestess and healer guided by the elevated ancestors of her lineages from the Mossi of West Africa and Zulu of South Africa. She works as a diviner using ancestral shamanic practices and ceremonial traditions. Her healing practice offers workshops, ceremonies, and retreats from the perspective of ancient African cosmologies. She walks the path of a wisdom keeper devoted to preserving and honoring the ancestral way of healing.

It is such a privilege to talk to someone who is so connected to their ancestral ways as Gogo is. Gogo shares her journey to becoming a Sangoma priestess, how she’s learned and remembered the ways of her ancestors, her current ancestral practices, ancestral elevation, and calling upon ancestors and elders during scary and uncertain times.

“Whatever background you have, there is something you can connect to in the spiritual realm that can bring about well-being and understanding about your life’s journey in this lifetime.” -Gogo Thule Ngane


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Episode #58: Tending to the Ancestors with Gogo Thule Ngane

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