If you crave or cherish brave connection with your community, your ancestors, and yourself, this episode is for you.

Trevia Woods is a mixed-race woman with Indigenous ancestors who has two decades of experience in bodywork, education and community-building. She has roots in the Midwest and Colorado, after traveling the world finds herself back in America finding her roots and how she belongs in the world. Trevia supports people in unpacking cultural appropriation, community building, as well as helping Culture Makers gift the world with their knowledge, lived experience and wisdom so not only they, but their clients can thrive.

In this episode, we discuss the differences between cultural appreciation and appropriation, the challenges of building community amidst all the messiness we bring, and the time it takes to know and trust people.

We also unpack how hard it is to release urgency, and Trevia shares more about her ancestral history and how she’s crafting local community right now — with the devotional practice of a Buy Nothing group.

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Episode #111 Releasing Urgency & Cultivating Local Community with Trevia Woods

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