Mimi Young is a shamanic practitioner and founder of Ceremonie, a shamanic and ritual-based brand, and although we scheduled this conversation before any of us knew the extent of where we would be during this COVID 19 outbreak, what we had planned to talk about is very timely during these moments of Physical Distancing.

Mimi shares her experience of having a five-month bedrest when she was pregnant with her second child and what she experienced in the isolation of this time — including a deep meditation practice, an accidental introduction to shamanic journeying, and an initiation. We tie Mimi’s experience to what many of us are feeling and experiencing in this time of an uncertain timeframe of isolation.

“Just because you’re healing doesn’t mean you land and stay there forever — you continue to change.” -Mimi Young

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Episode #55: Self initiation in the time of social distancing with Mimi Young

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