In this episode of the Belonging Podcast, I am joined by Lindsay Mack — a queer intuitive Tarot teacher, writer, and the founder of the popular weekly podcast, Tarot for the Wild Soul. She is also the creator of Soul Tarot, a radical reinterpretation and intentional utilization of the Tarot as a healing tool, one that can assist us in differentiating the noise of our brain from the truth of our soul.

I first met Lindsay at the Spirit Weavers Gathering where she was teaching Tarot and we’ve been tangentially weaving closer and closer together ever since. Lindsay asked to come on the Belonging Podcast to talk about her recent discoveries in her own ancestral healing process. She describes herself as a joyful survivor of childhood abuse, C-PTSD, and chronic pain/illness, and so I ask her to elaborate on that use of the word “joyful.” We talk about the difference between being happy and experiencing joy and how unexpected moments of joy can come out of deep grief. We talk about being the caretaker for your child-self as an adult, the journey and intertwining of anti-racism work and ancestral work, how to work with ancestors if you don’t know of any “well” ancestors and have patterns of abuse and addiction in your ancestry, and deepening into ancestry work through connecting with and learning about ancestral lands.

“My relationship with the word ‘belonging’ starts and ends with my devotion to being a parent to my inner kid.” -Lindsay Mack


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