In this tender episode of Belonging, I’m sharing the story of the birth of my daughter, Atlas. To help me piece together all that happened (because parts are already beginning to fade and other parts exist for me outside of time and space), my dear friend and new doula who was with me through the whole process, Nisha Moodley, joined me to guide us through the conversation.

Together, we weave the story of what happened over the course of my 48+ hour labor — sharing moments of celebration, moments of grief and fear, and moments that happened outside of my awareness. As I share with Nisha, it’s helpful to be witnessed in my own processing of this birth experience. It’s something I’ll be processing forever and a story I will want to tell again and again.

“There’s something so sweet about how the whole neighborhood is asleep, but here’s this birthing Becca finding her way in the dark of the night.” – Nisha Moodley


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