We’ve all inherited beliefs — those sayings, lessons, and ways of being passed down through the generations and permeate the culture we live in. Often they’re so deeply rooted that we don’t even realize how much they’re affecting us and our ability to weave in with the natural world.

In this episode, I delve into some of my own inherited beliefs. And I share my most cherished tools for releasing the ones that don’t serve me. I also explore how the simplest practices like going outside, moving our bodies, cooking our foods, and talking to beloveds can help us heal our nervous systems and reconnect to the earth.

I also discuss my upcoming virtual retreat Rewilding the Self happening on March 12th. Join me for ritual, conversation, connection and celebration to reclaim your rooted sense of self. I hope to see you there.

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Episode #113: Unlearning & healing our inherited beliefs

Wisdom and rituals for slow & seasonal living

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