This Belonging Podcast episode is about adult friendships — how to cultivate them and why they’re so dang hard to create and maintain. I dedicate a whole chapter to community in my book, Root & Ritual, particularly as it relates to friendships, but it’s one of the topics I get asked about most, so I thought I’d bring it here to the podcast as well. I share about the importance of human connection (even if you’re an introvert), making meaningful connections, feeling mistrust in building new relationships, the practice of fertile listening and witnessing, the lingering effects of the Burning Times, disclosure and agreements, not only using social media to keep up with friends, and making new friends in a new place.

“We need meaningful friendships and connections in our lives, and it’s hard — not just because we’re busy — but because it hasn’t been modeled for us in our society in a way that makes us trust our ability to do it.”



Episode #91: Making & Keeping Adult Friendships

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