A beautifully illustrated guide for connecting with the earth, your ancestors, and your communities as you come home to your whole self.

Despite our best efforts, our modern world leaves so many of us feeling isolated, unworthy, and alone. We’re unrooted from the land, untethered from our lineages, disconnected from our communities, and separated from our deepest sense of self.

In Root and Ritual, Becca Piastrelli offers a pathway back to connection and wholeness through rituals, recipes, and ancestral wisdom.

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Though we live in a radically different-looking world, the needs of our bodies and spirits are the same as the ancestors we came from.

Divided into four parts—Land, Lineage, Community, and Self—this book takes you on a journey for engaging more deeply with your life:


Part 1 introduces practices for reconnecting with the land, including seasonal recipes, crafting with plants, and tending your home


Part 3 centers around community, helping you cultivate sisterhood and celebrate meaningful rites of passage


In Part 2, you’ll learn to reclaim the gifts of your lineage as you understand past harms and explore the traditional folklore, foods, and arts of those who came before


In Part 4, you’ll return to yourself as you open your intuition, tune in to your body, and awaken the wild woman within

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About the Author

Becca Piastrelli writes about her life experiences, facilitates women’s gatherings both virtually and in person, and is the host of the Belonging podcast. She teaches and speaks on the nature of belonging and runs retreats to help women reconnect with their rooted sense of self. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, child, two cats, and five chickens, where she gardens, cooks, mothers, and gathers with the ebb and flow of the seasons.

Advance Praise

A brilliantly written book exploring the ancestral traditions that help women reconnect to their power, the land, and the important role they have held in cultures as spiritual leaders and healers. And an important book for the times we live in.

Sandra Ingerman, MA, author of Walking in Light and The Book of Ceremony

It’s so easy nowadays to feel disconnected from ourselves and each other. In Root and Ritual, Becca Piastrelli offers us a way to find connection in every area of our lives, from our natural environment to our relationships.

Rebekah Borucki, mother, author, and publisher

This book will find you grabbing a soft blanket and warm cup of tea and curling up on the couch as you follow Becca’s wise, loving voice into the deepest parts of yourself—secret gardens, overgrown dreams, whimsical cottages in the woods. But beware! Only read this book if you are ready for your longing to take deeper root in your life.

Elle Luna, artist, designer, and author of The Crossroads of Should and Must

The book our disconnected and lonely culture needs, in so many ways . . . magical and practical, otherworldly and grounded, nurturing and nourishing.

Lisa Olivera, author of Already Enough

An invitation to welcome back our innate wildness and embrace what our souls are truly longing for, this book will touch many souls.

- Erica Feldmann, author of HausMagick


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