In today’s episode, I give you updates from my new life on the farm (here in Hudson Valley, New York) and share both the challenges and joys of renovating an old house.

I share the resources and learnings I have gathered in creating and tending community from the perspective of someone who has just moved to a new place.

Tune in to hear more from me on:

– Living on a farm and renovating an old farmhouse
– Why community is an important value and a vital need
– How transitions in life, such as becoming a parent, can lead to a deeper understanding of the leaderships that calls to us
– How creating community in a new place requires consistent effort and prioritizing low-pressure, low-stakes interactions
– How challenges and moments of rejection can be overcome by resourcing oneself and seeking support

Resources + Links

-Sarah Wildeman @ Our Common
-My book, Root and Ritual: Timeless Ways to Connect to Land, Lineage, Community, and the Self
-Connect with me on Instagram @beccapiastrelli


[0:00] Welcome back to the podcast
[4:22] Life updates and the joys & challenges of farm life and living in our caretaker cottage during renovations
[9:03] How I am starting over in community creation (and why it’s a big priority for me)
[12:17] The deep desire for leadership and community tending that emerges in becoming a parent and in becoming a mother
[13:17] Yearnings for council, sacred connection and co-regulation, a pull to circle (yes, even amidst the busyness)
[14:24] Cultivating connection and community in the age of loneliness (in a culture that tells us it’s not possible)
[16:27] How to create and go forth in creating community in a new place
[19:22] Overcoming the resistance and the challenges in community creation and trusting that we are resourced and supported
[20:21] Where to continue this connection together

Episode #120: Creating Community in a New Place

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