I’ve gotten some questions from Belonging podcast listeners about rites of passage, especially if you’ve left a religion that previously offered a sense of rites of passage and ritual, or how to cultivate rites of passage when we don’t have that religious or cultural foundation. This is something I’ve touched on before on the Belonging podcast, and I’m sharing my thoughts now after going through a major rite of passage myself. I share how I’m fulfilling my need for ritual and community witnessing around pretty important things that are happening in my life, what to do when you’re feeling a lack of rites of passage in your life, using social media as a way to be witnessed in the midst of a transformation, the three elements of a rite of passage, and creating a ritual for a past rite of passage that didn’t get recognition at the time.

“We have such a lack of ritual and honoring of rites of passage that the ones that have remained have almost too much pressure on them.”



Episode #90: Rites of Passage for All of Us

Wisdom and rituals for slow & seasonal living

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