I took one of Morena Cardoso’s Danza Medicina workshops for embodying the sacred feminine at Spirit Weavers a couple years ago and it was a profound experience in my relationship with my own body. Then, when I found myself circling with Morena for a Samhain gathering this year, I had to pull her aside to interview her for the Belonging podcast.

This conversation goes deep. We talk about her embodiment work with Danza Medicina, working with the feminized experience while breaking down the oppressive nature of gender and the binary, Morena’s perspective on what’s going on in Brazil and her work in building relationships in reciprocity with some of the indigenous peoples of Brazil, and committing to our own growth and process — especially as people who hold space for other folx in this work.

“People usually say ‘dance as if no one’s watching,’ but I say dance as if everyone’s watching because it’s so easy to be who we are when nobody’s looking, but what about when you step out into the world and say, ‘This is who I am!'” -Morena Cardoso


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What does embodying the sacred feminine mean for you?

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Credit for the phrase “be a good ancestor” goes to Arianna of Quw’utsun’ Made

Episode #45: The Wild Sacred Feminine with Morena Cardoso of DanzaMedicina

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