Being as Belonging: Part Two of a Special Hearthfire Conversation

We’re continuing our very special, two-part conversation for you today coming to you from inside the Hearthfire community.

Hearthfire is my virtual healing and support space for us to devote ourselves to this work of creating a life for ourselves that truly nourishes us. We seek to create lives that are in deeper integrity, that have us being better ancestors, that have us healing the wounds from living in systems of oppression that have us holding ourselves back in a time where our voices and our actions and our hearts are deeply needed.

This episode is the second part of a recording of one of our regular calls in Hearthfire where we might practice the art of witnessing, do rituals, do meditations, learn from guest speakers, or have deep and meaningful conversations like the one you’ll hear here.

In this second part, you’ll hear us talk about learning to belong to yourself particularly when you struggle with anxiety and depression, and in fact loving your depression, the struggle with sharing your depression journey with your community, struggling with sickness when no one knows how to support you (including yourself!), finding connection with the earth when you live in a city and come from a lineage of colonizers, and learning how deep you can really go in community.

“In the process of witnessing someone else, you’re also seeing yourself.” -Janna Meiring


In this conversation, you heard the voices of:


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