I’ve had many questions and curiosities about my book, the book writing process, and how I got my book published, so this episode of the Belonging podcast is the full story of what went into the creation and publication of Root & Ritual.

I share when I first felt the calling to write a book, being in integrity with the why of writing a book (and not just because I wanted to feel successful and important), the lineage healing story that went into writing a book, finding a book agent, writing (and re-writing) a book proposal, pitching the book and getting rejected, writing a book while pregnant, what no one talks about: getting help to write a book, my actual writing process, and the tools I used to write.

“Know that every time you pick up a book and there’s an author’s name, there are so many other hands that go into creating it.”



Episode #86: How I Pitched & Wrote a Book (+ had a baby at the same time)

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