Asha Frost is an Anishinaabe (Ojibway) Medicine Woman (member of the Chippewas of Nawash First Nation), Healer, and Spiritual Mentor. Last time she was on the podcast we discussed her viral article “Dear White Woman who wants to be like me,” and today she returns to share her new book You Are the Medicine with us.

Together we explore the medicine of publishing a book. We discuss why we felt called to write, how books can be like babies, and the ways releasing our books made us more resilient. We also talk about how both our books are invitations to move at a slower, earth-pace.

Our conversation is a call to recognize the postpartum grief that comes when you release a creative work. And it’s an opportunity to embrace the end of the extended winter we’ve been undergoing and to craft rites of passage for ourselves that acknowledge a new season.


“How do you come back when you aren’t around your village and you don’t have elders living next door? My mother was always such a beautiful teacher for me, but we lived in a very white town and away from indigenous knowledge. Returning does involve working with different teachers. But also dreaming, visioning, and listening to that divine wisdom that comes from within.” – Asha Frost



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Wisdom and rituals for slow & seasonal living

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