Episode #54: Finding Connection in Isolation with Lisa Olivera

Lisa Olivera, a writer and therapist, joins me in this episode of Belonging to talk about showing up as yourself to make meaningful connection. This conversation weaves together what it really means to be human in these times and why it’s so important to vulnerably share all sides of ourselves. Through her therapy work and writing, Lisa helps others realize that they can repair abandonment or loneliness wounds and really come into themselves.

Together we talk about how to show up imperfectly and apologize and grow from our wounds and mistakes, how vulnerability and humanness and fallibility is so important for the evolution of our culture, how social media fits into connection and belonging, and Lisa also shares some mindfulness and embodiment practices that help her feel more centered.

“Being willing to show up as your full self is a gift to other people and ultimately to you.” -Lisa Olivera


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