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I’ve been receiving questions about money, capitalism, and worth and how to have a relationship with these things as necessities while also acknowledging that they are complicated and harmful structures. This is not a conversation that I’ve necessarily felt qualified to lead on my own, so I invited Thais Sky, a coach and therapist whose very work revolves around helping others heal the unworthiness wound, to join me.

Together, Thais and I talk about the importance of not feeling ashamed or lazy or unworthy for taking a break, knowing that it inherently serves our work in the world. Thais shares her story of belonging as an immigrant. We dive into the concept of capitalism—what is it and how can we start to loosen some of the beliefs it holds about our own self worth? We talk about the scarcity stories that might be ancestrally passed down and how they shape our relationship to money today. We also talk about embracing abundance and pleasure as a way to heal these ancestral wounds.

“When we start to untangle ourselves from cultural narratives, we now have space to come up with something that’s uniquely ours.” -Thais Sky


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Credit for the phrase “be a good ancestor” goes to Arianna of Quw’utsun’ Made

Episode #31: On Money, Worth & Capitalism with Thais Sky

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