We are living in a time of collective trauma and that is exactly what I’m talking about with my guest, Rachael Maddox, in this episode of Belonging.

Rachael Maddox is a trauma resolution educator, coach, and guide who’s helped hundreds of humans move from sexual, complex or developmental trauma into pleasure, power, and trust-filled relationships. Rachael teaches and mentors other coaches, healers, and therapists who are devoted to trauma-informed, radically inclusive, pleasure-positive approaches to changing lives and culture.

Together in this episode, we talk about how we are living inside prolonged panic of collective trauma right now, how to define secure attachment through a somatic/nervous system lens, how to tune into our range of resilience and regulation, how we begin to build stories and identities around our physiological responses and the collective trauma bonding we’re having with folks who have similar trauma responses, post-traumatic growth, feeling the collective need for collective grieving, finding the smallest way to mobilize, the desire for revillaging and what makes it so difficult in practice, and finding our center of sovereignty in order to truly be in regenerative community and building it at the right scale.

“People want to belong radically, but true belonging happens when there’s inter-sovereignty, not enmeshment.” -Rachael Maddox


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