In today’s episode, I am joined by my friend Gemma Brady of ‘Sister Stories’ to explore our mutual passion of sharing circle work. One of Gemma’s mission is to make going to circle as common as going to yoga class and in this conversation, she shares how she approaches circle as a living, breathing art form. She shares vulnerably about how she experienced her second pregnancy and how circle, both as a participant and a facilitator, sustained her most through that time. Above all, this conversation is an invitation to everyone who feels the call to do circle work to explore their own unique expression and what it means to them to devote themselves to the heart of the practice.

Tune in to hear more from us on:

  • How to find your own unique style of circle work
  • Challenging assumptions about the aesthetic, scale and framework of circle
  • How circle can foster meaningful connections and compassion
  • How circle is medicine, and an opportunity for personal growth, for the facilitator too
  • Preserving integrity in circle work while allowing it to evolve
  • Releasing the idea of hierarchy and competition within this work

Resources + Links


[0:00] Introduction and The High Lady Workshop on Facilitating the Circle of your Dreams
[5:39] Introducing Gemma Brady and our Personal Connection
[11:40] Gemma’s Background in Spaceholding and the Creation of ‘Sister Stories’
[17:23] The Power of Deep Speaking and Listening
[19:03] The Essence of Circle Beyond the Aesthetic + Unbranding Circle
[23:04] Circle as a Philosophy
[24:49] Spreading the Word of Circle
[27:44] Marketing Circle Work and Claiming your Unique Expression
[33:41] Shifted Assumptions around Circle
[37:57] Preserving Integrity and Allowing Evolution and Creativity in our Offerings
[40:49] Humanity and Imperfection in Circle
[42:39] Circle as Medicine for the Facilitator too
[51:33] Offering Circle Facilitation Training without Hierarchy or Competition

Episode #130: Redefining The Aesthetic Of Circle With Gemma Brady

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