The power and capacity that you have to call those women together, to invite them into circle, and to facilitate experiences that are wildly fulfilling for both you and them.

    To help me get into this mindset, I like to think of myself as a high fantasy fairy queen. A woman who feels bonded to the otherworldly forces coursing through her bones and unleashes it in the name of what she loves. 

    This mystical and enduring belief in you and your capacity to tap into the part of you that knows how to invite, receive, and facilitate relational magic in circles with other women is here for you.

    If you’re ready to step into this role, to step into this calling, I’ve been ready for 500 years to help you.


    I’m here to help awaken the dormant magic that’s in you.

    lead unforgettable circles that satisfy your soul — so you can unleash your magic in the world 

    Do you want to feel the fantastical magic that you truly possess for your own life and fulfillment?

    Are you yearning to guide others in healing and transformative experiences? 

    Do you desire to feel the edge of just how spellbinding your work and calling could be?

    Join us for the free high lady workshop

    In this
    virtual workshop...

    Practical tools and techniques to overcome self-doubt, navigate challenges, and lead with authenticity and confidence

    How to work with feelings of unworthiness, unbelonging, and shame so that you can step into matriarchal leadership of your spaces holding with more self-trust

    I’ll be sharing:

    I’ll delve into the realm of the archetype of the high fantasy fairy queen — the illustrious High Lady.

    Guided by her wisdom and her otherworldly magic, I’ll share about how to alchemize feelings of unworthiness and unbelonging into potent sources of power so that you can craft your vision for the women's circles you are dreaming of holding.

    A guided visioning process - giving you the space to find clarity on the circle you want to hold and a pathway to make it a reality


    When: Wednesday, May 22nd

    Time: 3-4:30pm EST

    Where: Over Zoom

    *yes, we will be recording the workshop and sending it out afterwards and I highly recommend you try to join us live. The vibes are gonna be goooooood*

    When you sign up to join us, I’ll also share with you:

    Some enchanting zoom backgrounds so you can join us from the fantasy realm of your choosing

    A playlist to get you in the fairy queen/valkyrie/sexy high fae vibe 

    Some fun little shopping links for things like….oh elvin ears and fairy wings and head jewels 😉 
    (but dressing up is not required!)

      Join us for the free high lady workshop

      My life’s journey has shown me that we aren’t meant to do any of this thing called life alone, that we thrive when we are held in sacred circle, in community.

      I have been circling up, in some form, for two decades. While I wasn’t raised in communities of women consistently deeply holding one another, when I experienced circling it quickly became the catalyst for my own empowerment and aliveness. I hold, and participate in circles, imperfectly. But that doesn’t cause me to waiver from my devotion to the practice.

      Beyond being a circle tender, I am a writer, host of the Belonging podcast, retreat facilitator, and community holder. I wrote the book, Root & Ritual: Timeless Ways to Connect to Land, Lineage, Community, & the Self. I’ve dedicated my life and work to supporting women to experience a deep sense of belonging by connecting with the cycles of nature, ancestral wisdom, working with their hands, and being in community.

      I also happen to be a big fan of the high fantasy book genre and look forward to sharing my particular level of nerdery with you.

      About Becca Piastrelli: