Tracy Benjamin is a food photographer, stylist & blogger based in the San Francisco Bay Area. In this episode, we have a tender conversation about grief, and all the ways she’s experienced it since her mom’s sudden death in 2017.

Together we explore how loss can encompass our full range of emotions and impact every area of our life. Tracy shares what it feels like to be the only woman left in her family and the joys and struggles of becoming her family’s keeper — hosting their gatherings, their values, and their grief stories.

We also talk about parenting our children and our selves, normalizing death in our society, grieving our dreams, letting our creative work evolve, and keeping grief weird through it all.

Our conversation is hard, heartbreaking, and so, so honest. If you’ve lost a parent or someone close to you, what Tracy says will resonate deeply. And if you haven’t felt that specific grief, this episode is also a balm for the collective grief the past few years have brought us all.


“When my mom died, I really abandoned my relationship with food and I tried to figure out — if I don’t feed myself, who feeds me? And I realized that I have to feed myself.” – Tracy Benjamin



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