Anoushka Florence is a teacher, an author, a circle-tender, and a mother. She is the Keeper of the Mama’s Village, the Mama of The Goddess Space, and the author of The Women’s Circle. Her work is based on ancient spiritual feminine practices that are grounded in the belief that the power to heal comes from within.

Together, we begin with the question what is circle? and spiral out to the importance of women’s circles, rituals, cleaning as clearing, ancestral lineages and more. We also discuss common questions about circle, such as— how do I find a circle near me? what if I’m an introvert? and what if I feel uncomfortable or unsafe in circle?

At its center, this conversation is about how circles can serve us all well. And it’s an invitation to hear if circle is calling you.


“You are not here to be saved in the circle. You’re here to save yourself in the circle. And the medicine comes when we can witness each other in that metamorphosis as we are transforming and alchemizing and healing. To be witnessed through that is the medicine of the circle.” – Anoushka Florence


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