I’m so happy to bring you this conversation with my friend and former mentor, Lola Pickett. Through her courses and programs, Lola empowers empaths and sensitive folk to rewire their brains, bodies, and behavior for internal and external resilience — shifting from self-repression to soul-expression. She is the published author of the Wild Messengers Alchemical Tarot and founder of EMPATH*ology™—an emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual resiliency training program. Her offerings blend cutting-edge neuroscience with trauma healing, herbalism, permaculture, ritual, and play to create powerful and lasting results.

I invited Lola on the Belonging podcast to talk about resilience — you’ll hear in this episode how I’m feeling tender and curious about motherhood and pregnancy. So Lola is sweet to share her perspectives as a mother of two. We also revisit the theme that you may have noticed in this podcast: the power of naming. Lola shares the story of renaming herself and also of her perspective on the responsibility of naming her own children. We talk about approaching resilience with integrity (not muscling through) and learning to trust yourself, how to respond when it all feels like too much, treating resilience like trauma work, the four Fs (flight, fight, fawn, freeze), and dealing with social media addiction.

“Resiliency at its core is about self-trust and belonging to yourself.” -Lola Pickett


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Episode #67: Resilience as a Practice with Lola Pickett

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