I’m delighted a share a conversation with my dear friend Majo Molfino. Majo helps women birth their dreams and share their gifts without quitting their day jobs. She is a self-described recovering “good girl” and daughter of immigrants, and as of this episode, she is the author of Break the Good Girl Myth, which empowers readers to break free from their good girl conditioning and design a more purposeful life. She is also the host of the HEROINE podcast, which is a very good listen.

Together, we talk about adult friendships and our own friendship history and how cool it’s been to witness her entire journey of bringing her book to life. Majo shares her own history being part of an immigrant family from Argentina and how the desire for belonging leads to assimilation as a “good girl.” We talk about the primary myths of the good girl (mine is harmony) and getting used to feeling discomfort and we break, unravel, and unlearn these myths. Majo also shares the story of reclaiming her name, which gets us into a conversation about the power of naming (something that’s been on my mind a lot as I prepare to name my baby).

“Whenever we live inside of a culture or a system that oppresses us, that system lives inside of us as well.” -Majo Molfino


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Episode #64: Breaking the Good Girl Myth with Majo Molfino

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